About Productive Memory

Productive Memory is a company dedicated to the “re-humanization” of mental fitness training.

Have you ever felt that you wanted to remember or learn something but either didn’t know where to start,  how to start, or were intimidated by the  courses and methods that were available? Most of us have at one point or another.

There are so many reasons that people may feel intimidated about improving their minds.

We may feel we are:

  • not ready
  • too old
  • don’t have enough time
  • don’t have enough energy
  • have too many other responsibilities
  • are too absent-minded
  • don’t have a support group
  • people will laugh at us if we try
  • no one will help us
  • and on and on…

Some of those things may be true. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to learn what you want, when you want, despite those things?

You may have been told that “…you need more self-discipline,” or “Just do it!” or “You have to bulldoze your way through it.”

Those things may indeed work for some people, at some times. But if you could do them, you probably wouldn’t be looking here, would you?

Let’s face it, those platitudes don’t work for most people most of the time. They are nice things to say, but are usually said by people who never did or learned the things you want to learn.

They also usually have the effect of making you feel guilty if you don’t do them, don’t they?

Productive Memory is a path that is kinder, and much more effective than platitudes.

It is made up of methods that have been used to accomplish useful mental feats for thousands of years, as well as some more current methods, including some cutting-edge methods that you will see here for the first time