How To Remember Where you Put your Keys Using the Spider Technique

How fed up are you with misplacing your keys? How much time have you spent wandering around the house looking for the damned things?

Here’s a method that may work for you. It’s worked for me. Not 100%, (face it, anything that guarantees 100% success is probably BS) but I know it’s saved me hours of frustration and it gives me a genuine feeling of satisfaction and control every time I use it.

Here’s how it works. Toss your keys on the table. If you’ve got four or more keys on a ring, they might look like a spider, laying there with the keys spreading out like legs. Yeah, it’s a stretch, but c’mon, they do look a little like a spider, don’t they?

Use your imagination. Now make it visceral – feel what it might feel like to pick up a spider of that size. If you’re like most people, it won’t feel too pleasant. Now imagine what it might feel like to let go of that spider.

So what does this do? It makes you pay attention to the keys. If you do this every time you touch your keys, you will pay attention to them automatically. The simple act of paying attention to them will help you notice where you are and where you are picking them up and putting them down.

Just thinking about doing this won’t help at all, though, I’m afraid. You have to get your keys out, and pick them up and put them down a few times imagining that they are a spider. You have to practice a bit, in other words. Now, when you finally put them (it) down, imagine the next time you need them (it), picking them (it) up right where they are.

I’m sure most people reading this won’t try it, either because they think it won’t work (it won’t, of course, if they don’t try it) or because they think just knowing the Idea is enough. It’s not. You have to get the keys out and try it. If you do, you will get a feeling of power over those darn things once and for all.

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