Who is this Site For?

Productive Memory is for anyone who’d like to improve their memory and focus for a more productive and satisfying life.

Most people have a structured job, where they earn a salary for an hourly wage for time worked. They know the hours they arrive and leave work, and have some idea of what’s expected of them during that time.

Productive memory can assist them to develop their memory skills. This will help them accomplish their tasks better. Productive Memory also helps develop focusing skills so they can get more done in less time, with less stress.

The workplace situation all over the world is changing, though, with ever increasing entrepreneurism, and more people working from home or their own offices, wearing many hats, working odd hours in an un-structured environment. Although this can be a rush, there is a high burnout level among entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs. I know of that which I speak, because I am a solopreneur, and have experienced burnout at various times in my past.

I’m tired of burnout and the procrastination it can give birth to, so I resolved to research and develop strategies and tactics to deal with them, with as little stress as possible. Most of the things I have found and/or created are fun to do once you give them a try.

Most of the methods in this course will benefit anyone who works, studies, or creates. Since I am a solopreneur and work from home, people who have similar situations may benefit the most. Anyone who needs to remember or concentrate better should be able to find something that will help them, as these pages progress, though.

They don’t all work for everyone. Nothing does, and I’m appalled at the amount of hucksters that promise “instant,” “mega,” “phenomenal,” and “miracle” methods. I am not offering that kind of hype.

This is a journey with lots of paths to try out. Find out which ones suit you best. All I ask is that you give some of them a real try, and see if they don’t make you more aware of how you function and how you might progress.

I feel the need to stress that I am not an “expert.” I am not a “world renowned” neuroscientist, a “world champion” memory competitor, nor someone who is “the best at” getting things done. To tell you the truth, I find most people like that tedious.

What I can say, is that if you struggle with lack of focus, absentmindedness and procrastination, I have been there, and still am, sometimes. But it is not as bad as it was, and I have made noticeable progress, and my life is becoming more satisfying and productive daily.

I’ve paid attention to what has worked as well as what has not worked, and this site is dedicated to sharing that with you.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey, as we become more aware of how to focus, learn, and retain more.